Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Surface Design Association Conference 2011

Surface Design Association Conference CONFLUENCE is coming closer!
It features pre and post workshops, a conference in the middle and gorgeous fiber exhibits that set your blood racing. Oh! and of course there are tons of venders. This is really fiber heaven. Sadly, I have only gone to 2 others. But this year I will attend and TEACH!!
Dorothy Caldwell 2005 conference 
I  am presenting a workshop MIX IT UP- Media Mix Collage! We will learn about different substrates, ways to create unique collage materials- in both fabric and paper. We will be introduced to a variety of mediums and create tons of samples. Well, not tons, but lots! I include of one of my specialties, a Serendipity Collage technique that is sure to please. It's always a surprise!
Susan Lordi Marker 2007 conference
(Can you tell I'm excited?)
workshop info here
Every night several workshop presenters will show slides. Just in case you're not inspired or stimulated enough. Or you can just chill your smoking brain.
INFO here
Wen Redmond Fiber and Paper Collage
Navigating Awareness
Workshop MIX IT UP! Media Mix
Time is running out!! Hope to see ya's there!

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layers said...

I am working up a proposal to teach a workshop on collage, but I think I first have to take your workshop! :-)
it sounds wonderful and I think you have some techniques I would love to learn about.

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