Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fiber Revolution Members at Quilt National

Fiber Revolution Members- Benedicte Caneill, Cindy Friedman, Judith Plotner, Wen, Kate Themel, Kevan Rupp Lunny The Fiber Rev's are smiling in front of Alice Beasley's piece.
Judith staring to speak on her work
QN rocks with high energy and high fiber exhibit!
Kate received the Young Emerging Artist's Award!
It was beyond all connecting names with faces and work and meeting folks whose work I've admired for years. And meeting lots of folks for the very first time. 
Each artist spoke a few minutes about her work. This was a very insightful and fulfilling listening experience. You got to see the work, hear the artist's inspirations and feel her energy. Sometimes to the point of tears!
Cindy speaking about her work. More to come on that!!
Kevan speaking on her work 
Kevan's work up close
My first time accepted and just returning. Kathleen Dawson, Quilt National Director, said I missed the Persistance Award by one year!
If you can, by all means go. QN lives up to it's reputation of expanding the art quilt to beyond!!

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