Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Window


I love using my photographs in my fiber work.  I print them on a variety of surfaces and fabric, make them into Thermal fax silkscreens ( see posts Jan 12 09, Dec 10 08 for details ) or work them into new images in photoshop. Inspiration can be generated by walks at the beach or in my woods, travels, driving in the car, just about anywhere.
My bedroom window faces east, waking me with wonderful surprises. I have used images taken there in a number of pieces and will continue. I thought I would share, from time to time, some of the photographs that inspire me, whether or not they end up in work. 
My Window, a silk organza piece. Sunrise and Raindrops.


norma said...


Connie Rose said...

They're beautiful, Wen. I have a selection of photos of trees taken when I lived in the mountains about ten years ago. The same trees, taken at different seasons and times of days. Waiting for something to be done with them!

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