Thursday, July 9, 2009

Defining Style

Before I Knew You 2008
I think artists find their style by following their heart or muse. Trying different medias may lead to a style or a style could be a combination of different medias with subject or color schemes as the unifying factor. I use lots of fabric painting and surface design in my pieces, including intuitive stitching.
I Came Singing   2008
 I also enjoy working with imagery in photoshop and printing on fabrics. I think when viewing my work that they come from one vision.
Its not the style that matters, it's the tapping into flow that takes you to your style.
Art from the heart.


kathy said...

Lovely pieces, Wen and I appreciate your thoughts on the process.

Suzan said...

Love your comment about intuitive stitching. I had never thought about that before and have always been very structured. I'll have to just start stitching and see where it leads me. Thanks, Suzan

Anonymous said...

Wen, your conception of "flow" reveres the vision and process elements of art-making and reminds me of a passage from "Art & Fear" by Bayles and Orland, 1993. Thank you for sharing!

"In art-making, vision is always ahead of execution. It must be."

That vision is what taps us into something bigger and we explore this in our creative process.

Gayle Pritchard said...

Your work whispers "intuitive," and it's lovely to read about your process. When I began working this way (now a very long time ago)I remember how freeing it was. I really can't work any other way than responding to what is at hand. Thanks for sharing your path.

Sam's mom said...

Each one is a treasure. I think the simpler, the more Zen-like and magical. But I also look forward to seeing these "pages" combined into a large piece--in a future Quilt National.

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