Friday, July 3, 2009

Driving Force

"Passion will make it happen."  Those of us old enough will perhaps recognize the words from FlashDance- one of my favorite movies. An untraditional dancer braves a traditional audition, with encouragement from an attractive admirer. Ah. Kinda of like the Modern Art Quilt/Textile Movement in the world today. We have struggled and gotten all kinds of things accepted that were forbidden just 25 years ago, machine quilting ( a biggie), free or unbound collage, painting on fabric, surface design of all varieties and my favorite, digital fabric printing. We are a moving and shaking force and expanding. "May the force be with you!" (another movie quote- guess?)
                 A new piece called A Thousand Wishes, recently exhibited at SDA Conference. Painted cotton duck and printed manipulated photo. The photo was reprinted on silk organza and sliced after sewing on top of piece. Not sure I'll repeat this, but it was fun to experiment!


Carole said...

Wen, I am really liking this.. reminds me of chocolate bar squares...but with color. So, you printed it on Organza, cut it up and rearranged it..on top of the actual piece? Clever,what size is this piece? And, rather late, but Congrats on your 'feature' at Dharma Trading.

Anonymous said...

love the illusory feeling of this piece!

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