Thursday, June 18, 2009

Can't Resist? Leaves, feathers and String, Oh My!

Recently I held a Resists Workshop that is part of my Fabric Transformations  Series. 
We had a blast. We started with resists you apply and wash out, then moved on to removable masks and finished with discharge.   Pictured here, from top, is a fleather resist with discharge, leaf resist with spray paint and string and glue.


Judy Momenzadeh said...

I'm feeling very left out! What fun you all must have in your class and what wonderful results!

Graceful Spirit Fiber Arts said...

Had a blast in this class and just wanted to thank you for being such a friendly loose teacher.
Check out new work postedpost at
the rooster is on of the resist pieces he just fit in there so well.
Rita Legere

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