Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Collage Creation 3

a taste of my Media Mix Collage workshop in August at Peters Valley- info here
I decided to spray the turquoise to cover a larger area, then removed the mask over the bottom focal point.
I added some lights and darks to create more depth. I used bronze around the edges. I spread lines of cheapie tan acrylic paint and spread side to side using an old credit card. The inexpensive paint has more body and doesn't spread, just what I wanted here!
I wanted to add touches of orange, so I choose a bird stamp to repeat image on inkjet image.
 I use acrylic paint, paper towel & plastic to create a 'stamp pad'.
added 3 orange birds, some white 'script' and a gold/green circle with Golden acrylic paint- nice but...
I went even further, adding mono-printing, watercolor paper, hand painted string and stitching. 

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