Friday, January 4, 2013

Pro Chem's workshop -Serendipitous Collage

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mine to be offered there this April.
Serendipitous Collage embraces the unknown and unexpected. A really easy and exciting way to create collage- magical! 
This serendipitous way to create collage taps into your inner muse! Use your created fabrics and papers to create paper and cloth MeDiA MIX collages. Get inspired!  
“I am in transition, do not be discouraged. What I am doing is a act of courage, to give birth.” Paulous Berenshon

Workshop: We will make a several different presentations of collage, including fabric-based postcards, and small 8x10 collages on watercolor paper mounts. We will create a variety of painted and printed fabrics and papers using general acrylics and fabric paints. Techniques will include different painting techniques, image transfer, mono printing, sun printing, resists and an introduction to some medium enhancements. This workshop encourages the use of recycled materials and supplies you already have. Focus will be on spontaneous creativity and freedom of expression while creating green art. 
Partially based on Wen’s article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors- Jan/Feb 2011

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Jo Murray said...

OMG...this looks fabulous!!!

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