Sunday, January 13, 2013

Flanneling the Design Wall

I finished the design wall today.
I attached it to the wall with Velcro Dots, mainly at top, it took only 5 dots per each 4x8 1/2" insulation board.
     I ordered the extra wide flannel at Dharma Catalog to cover the wall without a seam.
     I started hanging the flannel by pivoting the insulation board out slightly from the wall and T-Pinning in position on top. I left a 1" or so to pin just behind the insulation, tucking as I pinned.
     After I got the top of the first board pinned, I went along the side, tucking and pinning, then slid the insulation back into position. I continued along the top of the next board, pinning and tucking and then down the other side. I had excess along that side that I ripped off without pulling on the flannel too much. I also pulled the flannel taut as I pinned and tucked the remaining side. I pushed that insulation back into position. 
     Just to be on the 'safe' side I hammered just 4 larger T-pins into the wall along the top of the insulation board.
     I have 3 electric switches & an outlet that I had cut out of the insulation. To access this, I pierced the flannel and 
trimmed it away, leaving a 1/2" to pin down around the opening. Not too bad.

It was a'job' to handle a big piece of flannel and I wasn't sure it would work but I now have a 8'x8' design wall!


Nina Marie said...

so glad you blogged this out - I'm going to be adding a design wall to my studio space and I'll show my husband this! thanks!

Cheryl Rezendes said...

Well done Wen! You've really made yourself a great home based studio. I haven't started working on mine yet but I'll have to get to it soon. Its winter and all my stuff is still completely occupying the garage.

Although I haven't heard any grumbling from my guys yet!

Rachel Biel said...

Very cool, Wen! I did the same thing to one big board of insulation and can move it around, but I can't do large pieces on it. Wish I had an extra wall.... :)

Rachel Biel said...

Very cool, Wen!

jeanne Marklin said...

I have the same kind of wall. My contractor insisted on adding a flat strip of moulding so it would look finished. The Velcro dots are a great idea.

Wen said...

oh yeah - those contractors!
I did this later so it's not so finished looking but not too bad.
I would like some molding elsewhere so I can hang/store finished work.

Wen said...

A friend of mine bought one of those moving rod closet thingies that you can put in attic or laundry room for clothes and
She put two smaller boards back to back and attached them to the rod. This became her wall!

Madalene Axford Murphy said...

I didn't realize you could get flannel this wide. Thanks for that tip! We will be moving this year and I will be setting up a new studio. It will be great not to have a seam down the middle of the design wall.

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