Friday, October 19, 2012

The Flannel Shirt

 I actually got a chance to sit down at my sewing machine for an hour today. I'm in the midst of building a home, so I haven't had much of a chance of late.
I was wearing one of my Dad’s old flannel shirts. Great for this time of year. Easy to get out of for this time of life!
I was trying to steer a piece of work though the machine to free quilt. So, I laid my left arm down on the piece to stabilize it. The flannel sleeve acted just like a flannel design board, firmly holding the piece in place as I quilted. Wow! It made the quilting process so much easier!
Thought you'd like to know!


Mary Lou Bagley said...

Thanks! Great tip -- makes total sense. Also reminds me I need a flannel shirt for the changing season! Need a design wall for my work room too.
You are my Fiber Guru & a Goddess

Anonymous said...

Good to know! Gotta try that.

sonja said...

that is a great tip as most of us have one or can borrow one from the closet of brother,son, or hubby.

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