Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vertical Fabric Painting

      Someone recently wrote to me asking me what I use for my design wall. I wrote that I have two- one on each side of my studio.
I used several 4'x8' sheets of light weight insulation boards that I brought from a local hardware mart.
 It's about 1/2" or so in depth. Easy to transport or even cut with a utility knife.
     One is covered in wide flannel, that I think I bought from Hancock Fabrics.
     The other one is painted white. I use this to pin into/ hang work, and as another gallery wall during Open Studio events.
     But I also enjoy painting vertically- like painters do using easels. When I do this, I cover the painted wall with 4 ml painters plastic. Tape my fabric and paint away. This is just the ticket when I don't want to lean over my work at a table.
( Can you guess why I don't pin it?)
     Another trick I find handy, is to cover 20x30 foam boards in plastic or better yet,  kitchen bags. 
Lay on my fabric and paint on those. Then, I can take them to a drying rack or floor area to dry. 

This is really handy when I do sun printing in fair weather. I can paint, take the fabric supported on the covered foam board and simply slide it off outside. Add my items to sunpaint and run back inside (or on nearby picnic table in the shade) and paint some more!!

Painted and Sunprinted Fabric Sample
I reuse my foam board with another plastic bag. I save the bags to use over and over!


Jann Gougeon said...

very interesting. Always enjoy when artists share the logistics of their process. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Jeanne said...

Love the idea of painting on the plastic on the design wall! I use insulation too, and cover it with flannel sheets from LL Bean. They are actually cheaper than buying and sewing yardage together. Thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

Some great tips - thank you

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