Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What drives me.

The thought has occurred to me that my love of textiles and fabrics give expression to my fascination with other things. Things like nature and hugging trees, being outdoors and smelling the cleansing wafts of air lifting my spirits. I love photography, since the beginning, when I had a 35mm and took shots that I thought were no good because I didn't have the technical skills. But I learned I have an eye. I like patterns and textures, of course, but shots of nature- views into a softer world, stills of interiors and arrangements of objects. People that take time and interest in their choices of things they bring to their space. It's like looking into a prism of their world.

Good conversation- those glimpses into another's soul. The invitation to do so. A gift. That appreciation comes out in the way I put my colors together, influences my painting and stitiching. I feel privileged to be able to do my art.

I hope my art is a gift in return.

1 comment:

Autumn Moon said...

Nature is indeed a generous mistress.

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