Sunday, March 9, 2008

Piecing in the Flow Workshop At Portsmouth Fabric Co.

I was reviewing for my March workshop, Piecing in the Flow. A intutitive piecing techinique I have done for the past 20 years or so. I am a shy teacher but I know my stuff. Check it out on
It is a technique exploration class of direct cutting and piecing. We attempt to work without conscious planning or stress. We allow the intuitive part of ourselves to influence the process. There are NO MISTAKES. Mistakes are opportunities to change directions! Mistakes are directions from your intuitive self.

Which reminded me of this- a paraphrase from one of my online lists.

Beleve it or not, creativity is HARD WORK! It involves
Risk and Sacrifice!
It involves moving beyond our fears, excuses, road blocks, people, (the naysayers) etc..
It involves going deep
inside –
which by the way- scares most of people,
to see what is
And to remember to do that!

It involves the ability to put it out there and say "I don't care what others think this is (insert whatever topic, emotion, etc...)
It’s about following your vision.
It’s about all the effort it takes to get it out there, because you must.
It’s about passion.

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