Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fabric Painting- On A Roll! Brayer Printing

I use inexpensive brayers, found at any hardware or dollar store, to create textured printing. Use inexpensive sponge, foam and textured brayers. 

Paint a sponge brayer with a textured medium to create unique textural mark. Do you still have your old glue gun? Fire it up and decorate a cheap sponge brayer for a very personal mark-making tool.

You can also use any recycled cardboard tubes, toilet paper, corks, even old thread spools to make your own brayers.
Add designs using foam stickies, string, elastic, cloth scraps and you’re on a roll! Try carving an old candle!

Print on a padded surface for the best detail. I have a print/ironing table in my studio. It can be made with firm batting or acrylic wool covered with duck or some sturdy fabric. I staple it directly to the underside of the table. It can be removed when it starts to turn multicolored and re0worked into delightful painted fabric for your art projects.
Hint- I keep my paints upside down when stored. This way I can see the colors readily, the paint is ready to squirt out of the container and it helps seal the paint container for less evaporation.
 simple thread tangled on a brayer


Amy Art Quilter & Fyber Cafe said...

Fun!! I like the thread tangles print. Try rubber bands or bubble wrap too, taped around the foam brayer. Snipping a pattern into the foam works great too. Thank you for all your inspiration!

MissNihel X said...

So creative Love them all ��❤️⭐️

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