Tuesday, November 30, 2010


     Something else I've been exploring is presenting work with free edges. This work encourages the ravelly and loose edges that only fiber work can achieve. So far I've used it only with my collage work but I can definitely see the possibilities with "traditional" art quilts. See August 25 and July 6th postings- here
Within Without
fiber and paper mixed media collage
      I have to say I love all of the ways fiber is literally and physically extending it's parameters! I started quilting 'back in the day' and went though the "OMG it's machine quilted" revolution. The very first work I saw that fully embraced the possibilities of fiber was Fran Skiles' work in Quilt National. I think it was '87. What an eye opener! 
     I continue to be amazed by the direction fiber is taking- painted work aka Deidre Adams and, the free applique of Fenilla Davis, Linda Colsh, Dominie Nash, the collage guru- Joan Schultz, the free spirit of Susan Lucky Shie, digital advances in fiber and the non-use of commercial fabrics started by the likes of Elizabeth Bush, & Virginia Avery. 
     I can not completely name all of the fiber artists I love and embrace. 
I am awed, thrilled and honored to share this passion with so many of YOU!


Anonymous said...

I too love ravelly edges and I think that was the thing that really drew me to fiber art in the first place. I love your work, it is so exotic and beautiful. I enjoyed seeing your studio in your previous posts, via your link. What a wonderful work space!

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

Yes! I have done this with some collage canvas pieces, and even had a gallery pick some of these pieces for display in their gallery. I love your experimentation!

Linda Miller Designs said...

Yes, I agree it is exciting to see the expansion of parameters in the fiber world. Continue your wonderful experimentation...

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