Thursday, July 1, 2010

Deconstructed Digital Imagery

OK, I'm washing out my thermal fax silkscreen after using it-
usually I squeegee out remaining paint onto a cloth whilst, ( don't cha love that word!),
spraying with water- a good start for another piece of art
I was in a hurry and therefore was soaping it up to wash out in the sink.
AND it look goreous! The bubbles were so textural and the colors melted
together so beautifully that I ran to get my camera and shot some pix!!
I do take photo's of work in process, sometimes thats just the element I need and I can print it out or make a silkscreen- etc!!
AND to enjoy here with you all.
Geez, do I have a screw loose or have you all had similar moments that just
disappeared down


Connie Rose said...

Not strange at all to me, Wen. I.E., no loose screws in my book, just creative quick thinking!

Anonymous said...

No wish I did. You're right though, it did look fabulous! At least you've got a photo you could print from, so not entirely lost?

Grace said...

No Wen, no screws loose for us, just a wicked-cool imagination sometimes and a remembering to grab the camera to document it. Like em!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

No screws loose - just a great in tune eye!

Pat Bishop said...

Love the organicness and the touch of light looks like its sunlight peeking through.

magpie said...

hey, nothing wrong with
loose screws!
it's how you get to see
what's behind whatever's
screwed on.

i've been known to bring
my camera into the shower
because of the rainbows...

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