Sunday, April 14, 2019

Playing with Layering in PhotoShop Blend app

            A simple way to layer is to select both your photograph and another photo for use with layering and open them in Photoshop. Copy the texture or collage layer by going to the Select in the Menu Bar along the top of the screen and choose Select All and hit copy.
Paste this photo onto your other photo, hit edit and paste. Depending on the size of your texture, it may be completely cover the photo or it could be smaller.
            If needed, resize the layering photo on top so it fits the image. One way is to use the Free Transform tool. Go to Edit > Free Transform, and small handles or little squares will appear around the image. Click and drag any of the handles to resize the photo. When finished, hit enter or return, to commit to the new size.
Tip- you can also make the image larger and use your mover tool to just use a section of your layering photo.

original image rendered in pencil sketch mode
simple overlay in photoshop blend
layering image
hardlight blend
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