Monday, March 4, 2019

Painting Thread

A easy way to get colored string or pearl cotton is to simply paint it.

Arrange the white or light colored thread in a shallow dish. I use recycled veggie trays. Perfect!

Drop diluted highly pigmented liquid paint like Golden Fluid acrylics in spots on loosely arranged threads. I also use the very liquid paints like Seta Silk or Dye-na-flow. If you use a lightly colored thread, the color of the unpainted thread will affect the final color.
For example, you can find these on Dharma Trading Company-  
but there are plenty of other sources. 
As well as pearl cotton, I use a spool of extremely strong string I found in an antique store. 

Wind into a ball of the dried thread so it doesn't tangle or wind onto stick.

Allow the string to set as to dry. Once it's been dry for a couple days, it is permanent. I always test to be sure before using in a project.

I love the variegated results at a faction of the cost of commercial brands! Plus you can mix you own custom colors. Satisfying!
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