Saturday, August 18, 2018

Dinner at Eight in Houston- Fond Farewell!

     I have been lucky enough to participated in all but 2 of these wonderfully curated exhibits at the International Quilt Festival since 2009. Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison are the women behind the curtain. They have come up with different themes for each year's exhibit and host a lovely dinner for those who can attend.
     This year is the The Best of Dinner at Eight Artists: Celebrating 10 Years of Exhibitions. Each artist selected a theme from the last 9 years for the final exhibition. Quilt size must conform to 30” wide by 50” high.

     My piece, Layers of Meaning, draws on Personal Iconography! It is constructed from an under collage with a digital photograph I created, printed on digital ready silk organza, as an overlay.
looking under
Inspiration- art as a journey; symbolized in a layered manipulated image of a lone boat crossing a lake, a Queen Anne’s lace blossom and painted fabrics for color. This is printed on silk organza that floats, like the boat and seeds in the air, to be caught, perchance to land. 
The boat is the heart of the piece while the shoots of the flower direct the creative energy beyond and outward
This journey is taken together, with like-minded artists, a kinship of art making. This confirmation, this encouragement, has the power of affirmation. Mark making, exploring, taking me beyond my edges, an excursion, causing much consideration to create works that reflect not only a current theme but also my own personal symbolism. Layers of Meaning.
detail of undercollage
Multi-layered collage of molding paste, paint, teabags liners, text, string and found items was created on a substrate. This was quilted.  A layered manipulated image, printed on silk organza, floats above, beckoning closer inspection. Hand and machine stitched. 
second under collage

first under collage
Materials -interfacing, batting, molding paste, paint, tissue paper, recycled tea bag liners, text, string, gesso and specialty mediums, and digitally prepared silk organza. 

More about Dinner at Eight and all the rest of the fine artists- here

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