Thursday, August 17, 2017

Any Given Moment

I love to experiment, collage and layer. Often I do this digitally but there is something so satisfying about creating collage with pieces of found items, scraps of fabric or paper and creating something wonderful!
Any Given Moment, a collage of Plastic, paper, original printed digital cloth, painted fabrics, text & stitching. 12x12 
I created a everybody has fun collage workshop called Serendipity Collage. It's at least a 2 to 5 day workshop but can be done in a day. 
More about that workshop HERE or see the workshop tab at the top of this page.
One feature of this collage is painted plastic. I work on plastic, allot! I have created a new substrate called medium lifts, which I explain in my book. (see sidebar) The paint marks left on the plastic work surface can be quite nice.

paint left on white kitchen plastic
white gesso 
layers of paint on both sides of clear plastic
Any Given Moment is my donation for the wonderful organization, Studio Art Quilts and is available for purchase in the upcoming SAQA Benefit Auction on 9/15---more info  HERE
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