Friday, July 31, 2015

'Full mOOn reflections'

'Full mOOn reflections', circa 2008, is an experiment with transparent fiber. It has several layers, with a circle was cut directly in the main piece.
 I re-used the circle, the mOON, elsewhere in the piece, repeating the design motif. The collage is done with mono-printed transparent silk organza, encouraging interaction between layers.

Each layer influences the whole picture, albeit metaphysically speaking, to see deeply. To go beyond what one sees in front of our faces, to see the innocent child beneath the tired store clerk, to wave a stressed driver to pass, to give each other some slack. The full moon has been blamed for negative reactions among humanity. However, in the matriarchal times, the full moon was a time of inner reflection, to go within and encourage an interaction. A time when the veil between worlds was thin. Thin as silk organza.

1 comment:

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I prefer the idea of the full moon being a time of seeing through the veils... introspection and meditation. Beautiful work here!

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