Thursday, September 18, 2014


Sprinkled though out this blog are pictures, poems, art, and colors that take me to a world of my own making. Sometimes though, I peek out of my world to see what's there. 
On chance, my son and I found ourselves near to the 9/11 memorial. 
I had to see it.
It was moving, sad and disheartening. This was an attack, just as Pearl Harbor was an attack. But then we fought a country, now we fight a fraction, a group of ululating religious fanatics which are elusive, difficult to find and hidden among the populous.
Just as war changed when the Brit's fought the new Americans- who did not 'charge' but used Native American tactics of hiding behind trees or other unusual methods- at least new for that time. We need a new strategy to combat the terrorists in today's world. The person who can solve that will move us into a new way of dealing with these evil people who use their god as an excuse to kill.

War, as usual, is not the answer. Feelings of outrage, anger, disappointment, and sadness enveloped me,
so many feelings, some conflicting, I had to share it here.


SuzanneG in NC said...

I haven't visited the 911 Memorial yet. I expect that it will affect me deeply, as it affected you. I remember that day and the way everyone around me became sooo quiet. We had no frame of reference for forming opinion or reactions.
I have felt the same sort of wish to turn it off but inability to stop looking and listening and worrying. I was brought up as a liberal pacifist and these angry, suspicious, mean feelings frighten me.
I totally understand your experience at the memorial and don't know when I will be "ready" to go there. We, as artists must look at these things and experience them so we can digest and respond to them in our particular way. An artistic response is one more reference, a starting point, a jumping off place for discussion and thought . Maybe looking at history, at the awful actions of our past will educate us so we don't repeat them. We can always hope.

Wen Redmond said...

I appreciate you sensitivity to this subject. I was raised in NJ and had some friends tell me stories of that day- how folks in nearby office buildings could see them holding hand, forming a chain, snaking their way down the stairs before the buildings collapsed. I did respond to that then and I guess I should do a post regarding that piece.

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