Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wading Though Tall Grass

I created a series of Digital Works this past winter.

For this particular piece, I made a substrate collage of just a couple inkjet fabrics to give interest to the final print.
Here's the original printout before I worked into it. You can see the vertical line of the additional physical layer running vertically. There are 2 more such pieces.
I applied 5 dyed, silk organza, free cut squares, on the lower right, to add additional interest and focal points.
I had written onto the silk before I cut it. I enjoy adding text, readable or not, into my work.
I repeated the square motif in free style quilting lines. The repeated lines gave me the idea for the title.
Each piece was mounted on birch panels I purchased from Dick Blick. The panel sides were painted matt black first. I did a blog post explaining this process earlier. (here)
I like to create a painted edge, which to can see here in deep cobalt blue.


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Wen. Lovely piece with such subtlety. The stitching enhances it wonderfully.
best, nadia

layers said...

The steps of your process are so interesting..the layers add so much richness.

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