Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Forgotten Wings

Forgotten Wings
Digital Fiber- Image of an artist’s journal page.
Images are printed onto treated natural textiles and other surfaces, combining painting and digital media into a one of a kind art piece.
Creatively stitched. Segments are creatively stitched and held together with a hand-tied bookbinding method.  12x12
mounted on 1 1/2" black painted canvas


Judy Ferguson said...

I am also mounting my work on black canvas. Wondering if you glue them on or sew them on. I see that your work goes right to the edges, which is hard to do on 1 1/2 wrapped canvas. I have been thinking about this for a while.

Wen Redmond said...

wanted the work right to the edge as a painting would be. I completed the work and glued it the canvas that I painted Matt black using gesso.
The glue is Bindex that I get at Dock Blick. It dry faster than most white glues and is strong b

Judy Ferguson said...

Thank you for the information, as I am also moving in this direction.

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