Sunday, August 7, 2011

Can't Help Myself!

Dreams Awaken 1
Ok- This art quilt's colors have bugged me from the get go. I like the format and quilting but pink?
So I decided to use my current protectant of choice- Satin Varnish by Liquitex- and coat the piece with it. Usually it deepen colors, at least on my digital fiber work. Not so here. It deepened it alright but too dark. I forgot to cut it with water- 1-1 proportions. Yikes!
Distressed, I left it to work on over projects. I returned to my Digital Fiber. I am creating another piece which I can not show here as it may be an entry where I need a virgin art work. It's a digital collage. I am really liking this new way of working and I will present it in my new format of tying sections of the work together. It's tones are in neutral palette. Unusual for me as earthy colors are more my thing but it is subtle.
Inspried by my recent conversation to neutral palette, I decided to paint the sucker.
Dreams Awaken 3
I think I made the piece more successful. I hope I can leave it alone for awhile. What do you think?


deb_of_pixeladies said...

I like the reworked piece, but I LOVE the detail from the reworked piece. What a nice composition. Any thoughts to cutting it up?

Nancy said...

I particularly like the black lines and the birds, especially the one that appears to be on one of the black lines. Good dynamic. Nancy

anniedehgan said...

Reminds me of slick rock in a canyon with water running over it. Complete with canyon wrens. Ethereal!

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