Thursday, June 10, 2010

Colors on Cloth

I love to experiment with surface design, using all kinds of processes to see what they do and how things will work out. Heres a few of these...
painted cotton using diluted acrylics with a thermal fax silkscreen
simple sunprint on silk noil using buttons as a resist
painted masa paper highlighted with inked brayer
dyed antique kimono silk with 2 different thermal silkscreens
painted cotton with created foam stamps, and medium with small squares of gold stirred in

I started taking pictures of just the fabrics because I enjoyed how they looked. Just for fun. Nice.
Look for my fabric painting demo at the Meredith NH League of NH Crafts Sat - 6/19, 1100-200.


Quilt or Dye said...

Yep, nice and fun! I fall in love with wonderful, rich fabric designs!

Approachable Art said...

Wen, these are great. I love the first one in particular.

I ache to achieve these effects while still keeping the same hand as the original fabric... that's my goal for the future, anyway. :D

Lisa in Penna said...

Lovely, inspiring stuff! Thanks for sharing - Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hi Wen, I love getting a reminder to visit your blog. You always have such great stuff to read and see. The brayered piece reminds me of Motherwell.
Keep it up!~ Deb

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