Sunday, May 16, 2010

Digital Collage Printing

I use a lot of ink jet prepared fabrics for my work. I purchase this in large rolls from inkjet (here). This way, I can cut the yardage to the desired size to print. This works out very economically and is less expensive than buying sheets. I do end up with a variety of different size scraps though. I have figured out a couple ways of using these bits.

You can fuse them to paper or cloth and print this as a collage that is ready to work on.

Or you can temporarily tape bits to a carrier sheet, remove and fuse these to a work in progress.

Carrier sheets can be as simple as a sheet of paper, freezer paper or even a flexible cutting board.

Try different things to see what you and your printer like best.
I like the effect of combining the different fabric textures in a single work.

I used this technique on Coming Back, now at the PSAQA's ARTQUILTS Illuminations exhibit in Durham, NC. It can be found on my website in the Digital Fiber Art Gallery.


Connie Rose said...

What a cool idea, Wen! I often have unprinted pieces left over from other digital prints and this is a great way to use them up!

Robbie said...

Great tip! I just used a quarter of a piece of fabric to print out a label but I love the idea of using the scraps! Never thought of that! Thanks for sharing!

EmPrint said...

Looks like a nice printer. Epson, I presume as I see your occasional comments on the Epson list.

EmPrint said...

Looks like a nice printer. Epson, I presume. I see your occasional comments on the Epson List.

CathyH said...

This is very cool. Never tried printing fabrics before.

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