Saturday, April 24, 2010

Art Quilt Elements 2010 again!

Wonderful show of cutting edge work. I was proud to be in attendance. Here's some press and vid's about the show.
We received great press from the Philadelphia Inquirer in the Friday Weekend section that should bring in many more visitors.
from Carolyn Lee Vehslage
John Hopper of The Textile Blog wrote about the exhibition, its history and showed 6 examples of the work as well as the 3 minute teaser video of the collection. John's posting remain on top for a week, so please direct viewers to it.
And a visitor named Mariee has be making multiple postings on her blog about the various pieces in the exhibition in terms of Texture, Print, and Color.

Finally, above, photo of all the artists who made it to the opening. I'm on far left- (hmmm).

and a personal note from John Hopper!!
Hello Wen
"Just to say how impressed I was with your entry into the ArtQuilt Elements 2010 exhibition. I came across Perspective with Trees when the organizers asked me to help publicise the event. I must admit that it is my favourite and I wish all the success you so richly deserve."
John (the Textile Blog)
(I'm gushing!!)

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Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Wow! What a wonderful review, and I only wish I could see "Perspective with Trees" in person ... absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations, Wen!

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