Thursday, April 16, 2009

Best Thinking

Following a thought...
Where do you do your best thinking? Where do those ideas, inspirations and sudden flashes of creativity come from?
 I get some of my best ideas on walks. I can jog out of the house in a burst of frustration and churn up the tunes until I get to a very steady incline near a heavily wooded part of the road. Then, slowing down, I take in the scene- the birds, deer sign, trees, the way the sky looks, you know.  I just melt into the surroundings. It calms my mind and then the magic happens. A idea will pop up or a solution to a piece I am working on.  This peace and excitement are part of my art. Those feelings from that place becomes the energy I use to work. It propels me forward. It is an essential part of my art. 

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