Friday, February 6, 2009

When is art not craft?

When is art not craft? An interesting question with no clearly defined answer. Do we use artistic skills to create craft? Do we learn our craft so we can make art? One thing is clear- this issue is not black and white. Some would argue that if it has a function, it is craft. A beautifully made vase is craft but a beautifully made vase can also be art. 
For me, my work comes from my soul, from my heart to art. The patron who views my art is in the act of completing the art. Their perspective adds to the finish. What they see, what they feel is a very connected part of the communication that art strives to convey. That dialogue is the art.

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tess stieben said...

I honestly believe the distinction of art as separate from or greater than craft is a non-issue. All the great craftsmen are artists who really know their stuff. Take a master woodworker for example, they have pride in a job completed to perfection with skill and creativity. I've seen a master woodworker and potters work that is unbelievably artistic and skilled as well as functional. And I have also seen artist work that is unskilled and poorly put together as experimentation to future learning.
If it drives one to create it is "PASSION" regardless of titles of "art" or "craft".

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