Thursday, October 23, 2008

Email and Removal Requests

I get tons of email a day. I check'um out first, delete what I don't want or don't have time for, then read the rest. My spam folder fills faster than crumbs in a toaster, but I pursue that as well because sometimes good stuff leaks in there. Then DELETE. What mighty power I hold in the tip of a finger. Kinda like when you turn the channel on TV. The power of choice in the moment. So Zen.
Often, when I have a tid bit of news, good video etc to share, I can compose my zesty little note and insert lots of categories in the address bar. With one button press, I can send to lots of people, who then have the choice to delete or read as the spirit moves them. Again Choice. That's democratic.
Sometimes, I get a request to 'remove them from my list'. Not often, but sometimes. I feel bad I've inconvenienced them but remove them and let them know its done. Sorry to take up your time, no hard feelings. That's it. But once in awhile a not so nice note appears too. These people have a problem with my sending to them and let me know. Well, I'm sorry- they have the opportunity to delete before reading and I have the freedom to send. Lets leave it at that.

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giddy up said...

You know, I have been reading alot of comments on blogs about the election and even though I did not vote for the President elect, and I did vote, we do all have the right to voice our opinions. Right or wrong or indiffernent, we are lucky to in the USA to have the right to voice those opinions. You are right in your blog, "I have the freedom to send." We all have that freedom to send out our opinions and that is a good thing.

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