Friday, May 30, 2008

Inspiration and New Ideas

Inspiration can come from many sources, inner and outer. New ideas about how you are doing current work can pop up anywhere, so I try to carry paper and pen, even on walks or at work. I love to look at art of all kinds, anywhere, in magazines to museums. 
Fiber art is on the cusp of a wave. Some fiber artists are trying to evolve our medium to a new level of perception. That is not to dishonor those who enjoy it on any other level, I have been there. I have done those tiny hand stitches and matched countless points. We learn the rules and then we can break them, and should, to move forward. What does one do who sees visions? Experiment. Break traditions. Expose people to new ways of seeing. It takes time for venues to catch up. Should traditional venues hold new work to old standards? Isn't that like putting new wine in old wine skins. Art, to me, is about moving forward. Creation gives me ideas. My passion is to put them into art. I use my medium, fiber. 

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Sarah E. said...

Although I live in and love living in Texas, I come from a "water baby" background, and this picture particularly speaks to me. Your commentary is most a propos. Thank you for your QA post that directed me back to you again.

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