Saturday, February 2, 2008

QA TV appearance

A brand new show, Quilting Arts, named after it’s
predecessor, Quilting Arts Magazine is featuring
creative fiber artists on their new show. Wen Redmond
demonstrated her innovative fiber technique,
Holographic Images. Her technique uses the computer to
print her fiber photographs into unique 3-D images.
The show will also host a virtual Quilting Arts
Festival in the future, where you can take Wen’s

The new show began airing on Public Television
nationwide this past December. Contact your local PTV
networks to pick up the show.
Wen’s work can be seen on


Jamie Fingal said...

I loved meeting you for the first time and hanging out with you in Cleveland for our mutual guest appearances on Quilting Arts TV. I am in awe of your work. How is your new coat working out?

Wen said...

hey you- I'm lovin' it! Great meeting you too!

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